Wednesday, February 16, 2011

San Jose for Tests!

Today started out with washing the dogs and a bouquet of flowers. Rolando is a "special" friend who comes by a couple times a day and works around the yard or house wherever he is needed. They say he speaks neither English or Spanish but he talks constantly and seems to communicate quite well. The flowers were a gift from Maria's garden given to me by Bianca. Then she too had her own bouquet!!

We arrived back from San Jose and all the medical tests are over! The photos are where we spent the night. Unfortunately, I spent most of my time in the bathroom!!

We arrived home last night----barely! The bus ride from San Ramon was the bus ride from hell! The other day our bus broke down so we have had a number of different buses to ride on our trips up and down the hill. Yesterday, however, the bus wasn't the problem it was the driver! He was about 20 minutes late to pick everyone up but finally we were off. Most of the vehicles here have standard shifts---you really have to know how to stop and start on hills! Anyway, our bus driver needed to go back to school! He tried to climb the hills in too high a gear and almost didn't make it and when he shifted it was like riding a bucking bronco!! Everyone on the bus was laughing, including us, but not without a dose a healthy fear. To add to the excitement it was very foggy.

When we finally arrived home Diago and Maribel were there and we chatted on the computer. We use Google Translate and actually get to almost understand each other. I was pooped after being up in the bathroom most of the night and I guess I looked pretty tired. All of a sudden Maria and Maribel are guiding me into our room and telling me to lie down on the bed. The proceeded to rub lotion on my back and give me a massage!! It doesn't get any better than that!!


Matthew said...
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Matthew said...

Hi Mom!
You guys have such great adventures. I hope you are having a good time I know it is a lot to take in at once. Molly and I are doing well and we miss you and love you both very much. Keep up the writing it is so fun to see and hear what is going on.
PS: I deleted this comment once because of a spelling error, oops!

TheRooster said...

If there is going to be an adventure you can count on the Rose's to be in the middle of it, you guys are like magnets. Love the towel.