Sunday, February 27, 2011

End of Days!

Looks like a no photo day, however, I can still write! We spent the morning talking with Eric and Joselita. They have lived in Costa Rica for quite some time and are from Canada. French speaking Canada, but the do speak English and Spanish quite well. Listening to our friends here speak English and/or Spanish and do both so well makes us feel a bit slow!! Anyway, we went to the property and talked about excavating and, of course, I.C.E.! Eric and Joselita have built a couple of houses here and are starting another one in a development of 12 lots which they have created. They are a wealth of information for us and sooooo nice! They offered to take us to San Ramon tomorrow a.m. to get the Permit we need to do the grading we need to create a place to build our house! And....even more, they offered to get someone that they have had work for them do the excavating and have their employees check the property during the rainy season to make sure there are no slides!! Time and again we are amazed at the selfless generosity of the people here!

Yesterday, Augusto Cesar, our friend who has been translating for us and helping us with I.C.E., took us to meet his Uncle to ask if he would be willing to sell us a small piece of property with a "house" on it that is located at the beginning of our property or give us an easement for power lines over his property! The little "house" was used for Nicos, Nicaraguans who pick coffee, and it is very crude. They laughed when we told them we would like to live in it while our house is being built and then use it for someone who would work for us on the coffee or the B & B. They were at first embarrassed to show it to us but we are leaving now to go see the house!

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Erin said...

End of Day!! does that mean you are coming home soon? I hope so, I have missed talking to you on Saturdays. Sounds like you are taking care of business.