Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Oops! There Goes The Truck!

On Saturday the truck was scrubbed and rinsed with the hose inside and out ready for a new week. Everyone pitches in and this old truck shines like new!

And then....the emergency break did not hold and the truck took off and went over the hill into the ravine! With the help of a backhoe and many hombres the truck was dug out and brought back up the ravine to the road and home. The truck is now in the shop being repaired and the remarkable thing about the whole event is that Danilo found a truck exactly like his with a bad motor for very little money and so...a somewhat happy ending! The best news---no one was injured!

Giovanni was the person who had taken the truck to feed the chickens at the large coop near our property. He was one shook up young man! He is Danilo and Maria's youngest son at 23 years old. The whole affair was handled very well by all!

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