Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I.C.E.--One Big Hurdle!

I.C.E. (pronounced ECEE) is the electric company in Costa Rica and they have a lot of control regarding how we receive our electricity and what it will cost. One architect we have worked with suggested it may be as much as $50,000 which means we may have to go to "Plan B"! Our visit to I.C.E today, with the help of Augusto to translate, has I.C.E. going to our property to find out exactly what our options are going to be! So...we wait!

Enough about I.C.E.! Everyday something unusual happens in front of the home we are staying at. Yesterday a
"herd" of pigs came by on their way to other pastures! This morning a man riding a horse had a cow on a leash walking behind him! I was not quick enough with the camera to catch a photo!
We also picked up Don's new glasses today but that is a story for him to tell. Still need to get with the Doctor in San Jose once again to go over all my test results! Hope to hear from him soon as time is running out!!

The 2 photos below that we have posted are of a banana tree just beginning to produce bananas. They start with a large bulbous thing that blossoms into bananas!! Amazing, and they are growing everywhere! The large bunch of bananas pictured was picked, rather cut down with a machete, by Danilo and it is the second bunch we have enjoyed eating from. Yummmm!!

This photo is of an Iguana up in a tree in the park at Palmares. We also took photos of a female laying eggs but they were to dark to see much! There are at least five of them that live in the park and are protected by the Policia that patrol. The Iguanas were brought to our attention by a local lady who came running after us crying 'Iguanas, Iguanas"! At first we thought she was a little off. However, in the end, we were glad we turned around to discover what she was about. She brings fruits and vegetables to the park to feed the creatures and seems to also alert all the Gringos that walk by!

P.S. I have no idea why the above paragraph is underlined, nor do I know why they type is a different color!! Sometimes creating this Blog is a real adventure in itself!!


TheRooster said...

I noticed that you have a dollar sign in front of that 50,000, what would a small generator cost or a stationary bike rigged to run a generator or how about a waterfall and a water wheel or just a long extention cord?

Erin said...
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Erin said...

I always love seeing fresh bananas ripening. I just can't get away from my love of produce.
I am glad you are enjoying your time in CR. You always experience some off the wall activities on your adventures.
Love you and miss your calls.