Friday, March 15, 2013

Backhoe Day 2 and the Soil Engineer!

The second day of backhoe work began at the top of our driveway just to the left of our home site.

Paco has started to take some soil off the top of the driveway and push it down the steep part to make the incline less severe.  He is also going to remove an area to the left in this picture to make the road wider for the large trucks that will need to use it during construction.

This is the area that is being widened.

 Paco used the shovel part of the backhoe to knock the hillside down and then pushed it all down the hill.

Knock down and push, knock down and push over and over.

Another view of the hillside being knocked down.

Here the backhoe work is completed starting at the bottom of our driveway.  Our driveway is on the left and the road on the right follows the bottom of our finca.

This is the start of our driveway and the next photo
 is approximately where our water is located and where we planted the Yucca shown in our previous blogs.                              

Here is the steepest part of the road which has been greatly improved by Paco and his backhoe!  Thank you Paco!

In order to build on our property we needed to have a Soil Engineer come and test that the land is stable.  They used what looked like a ice auger (I grew up around ice and snow) and dug a hole.  They also used the tripod in the photo to pound a pipe into the ground to also get the samples that were required.  We are now waiting for results but were told we were on very solid ground.

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