Monday, March 25, 2013

Marcella's Baby Shower!

On March 23rd, 2013, I was invited to a baby shower for Marcella (our landlord) and her little girl, Danna, due in May.  The shower was held at her mother's house on the corridor outside their home and was beautifully decorated.  The tables covered with pink and white table cloths and had a box full of popcorn and a purple heart balloon.   

People arrived one, two or three at a time.  Some I knew and others I did not, all speaking in Spanish and having a wonderful time.   I watched and listened and after a short time, a young woman sat beside me and started talking in English!  Many things were explained and information shared including the fact she, Karina (hopefully spelled correctly) had been studying English for 6 months with one class a week!  UGH!!  Her English was incredible and my Spanish leaves much to be desired!!

There were many different games, of course, it's a Baby Shower.  Who can empty a baby bottle the quickest, who can walk a distance with an orange between their legs and drop it into a know how it goes!  

At the end Marcella opened a mountain of gifts.  Our contribution is the little sweater and Mary Jane booties in the photo.
She received lots of adorable dresses, shoes and warm things, many in pink and others in different colors.

It was a fun afternoon and now we all look forward to meeting Danna!

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