Saturday, March 02, 2013

Have Sewing Machine Will Sew!

Now that I am "dryer free" and need to hang my laundry outside I decided I needed somewhere to put my clothes pins.  Thanks to Roselin, a sweet friend, I have access to a sewing machine.  Unfortunately, I don't have the vintage wooden hanger to make it hang properly, but it still works great!

The seating in our little casa were a little to firm for Don's   "carneyless"  (not sure that is a word) but so...we now have cushions!  Fabric choices aren't what I am used to here but we can certainly make do until my stash arrives!

Fortunately, I packed my knitting and crochet needles when we first came to Costa Rica knowing that I would need something to do!  The coffee keeps Don much busier than it does me so I have been creating little projects!  Marcella, our landlord, is expecting in May and the sweater and Mary Jane booties are for her.  

Not having time to investigate Pinterest in NC I am now just about addicted!  I have discovered endless projects that I need to make and so many ideas for our B & B!!  Pinterest is now my vice of choice while having coffee in the morning at about 5:00.  Now it's off to the finca to do some pruning.  Don left at about 5:45 a.m. and I will walk down with "Dog" and work until about 2:00 when we will all be done.  Don & Roberto are spraying and "Dog" and I will do whatever they need us to do!!

Tenga un buen dia!

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Erin said...

You could start "Instiches" down there. They would love you with all of your talent!!