Saturday, March 02, 2013

"Flat Mistaya" Meets "Dog"!

This is "Dog".  He seems to have adopted us and we are becoming smitten!  In some ways he reminds us of our dog, Maverick, who passed away in NC at the age of 19.  Dog is a different color but has that same "You have to love me" look on his face.
We are not sure where he belongs.  People have told us he has no home.  He guards our home and walks with me protecting me from any other dogs.  He comes when we whistle and has a sweet personality.

"Flat Mistaya" thinks he's pretty nice too!  So...what do we do?  Is it too early to give him a name and call him ours?  We have posted him on FB and here to see if anyone claims him.  With hope in our hearts, we are thinking about names!

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Erin said...

"Dog" is yours!! What a sweet face : )