Saturday, March 02, 2013

It's a Trailer or Carreta!

Remember our trip to Turrubares?  Which, by the way, was spelled incorrrectly in the previous post. Anyway, we met Julius and Oscar and discussed and designed the building of a trailer for us to use on the finca.  Ta, Da!!  Here it is, almost completed!

Julius called last night to ask what color we wanted it painted and said it should be done by Saturday! Guess where we are probably going on Saturday.  Hopefully this time the repaired lights will continue to work and the repaired window will continue to go up and down and the repaired lock will continue to lock and unlock!  

The only other question remaining is who will be hitching a ride with us!!

The good looking young man sitting in the trailer, (carreta) is Julius. He speaks a little English and we gave him our English/Spanish dictionary.  They also do word work, constructing of furniture and carvings.  Julius is the one who carved our bird coffee maker that Flor gave us as a gift!  We have lots of things in the back of our mind that we would like to have made, if only we had a house to put them in!!!  Looks like we may have some more trips to Turrubares in our future!

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Erin said...

Sounds like they have a lot of talents!!