Saturday, February 25, 2006

Day 5 - Artists' Retreat

This is the group that sang for us at the Artists' Colony. The sad news is that the conductor in the light shirt and blue pants had his rear end smashed while enjoying the festivities. Oh, that was the rear end of his car! This is the unveiling, by Francisco, of the founder of the Artists' Colony, Dr. William White. The surprised look on Francisco's face is because #1 the bust isn't finished and #2 it doesn't look like Dr. White. All things considered, we thought the work was very good and the slight difference in his looks is the artist's interpretation! Later we visited with the artists for such a long time we ended locked in and Francisco had to let us out and kindly gave us a ride back down the gravel road to town.
It's only Day 5 and Sharon has already found another man!! This one is Franco from France! What more can we say??
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Mark D. Wise said...

I am jealous ! Maybe we should come visit for a week also....

Matt and Tamara said...

Looks like your right at home you two!