Friday, February 24, 2006

Dia Quatro - Green Eggs & Ham

Hi Everyone:

We just thought we'd take a moment to thank all of you for your comments. Each one is a joy and makes us feel close to each of you.

Our "home" is very comfy and quite roomy and our favorite spot is on the balcony overlooking the valleys and mountains. The yard is kept beautiful by a gardner and the cleaning lady brings us fresh eggs if we want them. They are brown, green and white!

As we have not rented a car we travel where we want to go by bus or by the grace of our wonderful rentors. The trip to the bus stop consists of about a 10 or 15 minute walk down to the bus stop and up to come home. The road is very steep, pot holed gravel and we share it with Ticos, dogs, chickens, roosters and one lot full of broken down cars. We love the exercise and don't even mind carrying our groceries up the hill from Ciudad Colon where shopping and the bus stop are located. We've met Enreique who owns the fruit and vegetable stand in Ciudad Colon and he has wonderful produce.

Once we are back home and we continue climbing up the hill, it gets steeper and ruttier but from the top it is an unbelievable view of the Central Valley.

It's getting late and since we've been up since before 3 a.m. we are going to end this for tonight. Love to all, you are in our hearts and thougths!! Don & Sharon


Erin said...

Hey, I was wondering what kind of produce does the stand have? This time of the year we get our cantalopes from Costa Rica. They should be good, they are here. Are the prices reasonable? I just thought I would ask. Miss you, and Love ya!!!

Sharon and Don said...

Buenes dias Erin!
Yes, you are right, the cantalopes are very tasty and the price is only about 250 colones or, .25 to .40 cents $.
We miss you and all as well, but, being here is very good.
Amor mi hija, Dad & Sharon

Kath & Brent said...

Hi guys, Looks like you are having fun. Okay I can't interpret the spanis(is it that?) I know "tres" how did we go from 3 to 4 to 3 again? Hu? Very pretty, how is the weather? the town reminds me of San Jose del Cabo a bit. The bus is an adventure hu? We could just pick it up on the Highway, you have to actually go to a bus station? Wow! It is fun to see all the pics. How close is the ocean? Write soon.
Love ya K

Pam said...

Hi Guys: It sounds like you are getting too happy and comfortable there....but seriously it sounds beautiful! I was wondering about the day 3 to 4 to 3 too. But then I don't speak Spanish. All is well here. MeMe and Hannah touched noses this AM and then growled at each other. We'd love to see a photo of your view from the balcony...Miss you both bunches....Love, Pam & MeMe