Friday, February 24, 2006

Dia Quatro - Tomamos un viaje el Tamarindo en Peninsula De Nicoya.

Not only did we experience some very unusual roads, the most unusual and frightening for Sharon, was the wooden swinging bridge (the locals call it the hammock bridge) that crosses the Rio Virilla River. Never a dull moment in Costa Rica! The wood slats that you drive on are partially missing and some were beat up and broken. Fortunately, our wheels didn't fall through and we made a safe passage!! On arriving home we were grateful for Don's cheap--$1.25--bottle of Vino de Mora Fiesta Raspberry Wine, made in Costa Rica, and we wish you all could have been here to share. Posted by Picasa


Erin said...
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Erin said...

Oops I deleted my post, I meant for it to go with the pictures above.
Sharon I would have been a little scared myself. That looks like something off of Indiana Jones. Where there bad guys after you or maybe a giant ball. The place looks amazing.

Matt and Tamara said...

I was thinking of the ride at Universal Studios where the bridge starts to collapse while the tram ride is still on it. I hated that ride!!!