Sunday, February 26, 2006

Day Six - Climbing the Mountain.

We are finally back to the outskirts of town after 5 hours of walking. And we spotted our first Iguana. While Don was on the side of the street taking his picture a car came whizzing by and almost knocked him over! Note the car at the bottom of the picture--the Iguana is at the top!
There are so many different flowers here and they are all beautiful!
Posted by Picasa While walking into town we came upon a cantina and decided to slide up to the bar and have some lunch and a Cerveza. As you all know Sharon does not drink beer and is at a big disadvantage here because wine is mucho expensive so... I decided to pick a drink off the menu. When the drink arrived in a shot glass with a tall glass, limes, a bottle of club soda and salt I was very confused. The kind amigo sitting near us at the bar proceeded to advise me on the proper way to prepare my drink for consumption. Surprisingly it wasn't too bad! We yacked and talked with him for awhile and met the owner, Liz from New Zealand. Liz was new to the restaurant business and after we talked to her she is getting out of the business! Good Night, We Love You All!!


Erin said...

The flowers are awesome Sharon. Right down your road.

Geri said...

Sharon and Don,
So glad you shared your blog with us! I'm loving following your trip!
Hope you continue to have a wonderful time!
Miss you,

Geri (from book club)