Sunday, February 26, 2006

Day 6 - Climb the Mountain.

More of our lady friends. Climbing straight up this road we had to stop and take a break and enjoy the view. Doesn't Don look peaceful without all that awful news to read everyday??
Next we came across the most outrageous mandarin oranges just growing on a tree waiting for us to knock them down and feast!!

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Matt and Tamara said...

The Gote looks great Dad!!! I Like it. You two look like your having a blast and keeping up with your vitiman C I see... It look so beautiful there, wish we could be there also, Ben would love it. He says Hi Nana... Glad your meeting folks and getting in to the culture also. Love you guys

Matt and Tamara said...

Hey dad, did you step in that cow pattie while you were picking oranges?

Erin said...

I am glad to see some pictures of you two. Wow dad a gote!!! You guys look great. I am glad to see the smiles. You can smile dad it is OK.

Matt and Tamara said...

Only Matt would notice the cow patty. I had to look and relook just to see what he was joking about. (: Tam