Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Day 31 - Back To Berlin!

Today went to look once again at the property in Berlin with the view of the ocean and all the coffee plants. Before getting to the property we stopped at the owners house where we met he, Donilo, and his wife, Henia. After Donilo went to the property with us and listened to Don make remark about how great the coffee wood was for cooking chicken, a common practice in Costa Rica, Donilo called his wife and asked her to make fried chicken with coffee wood for us for lunch. Lunch was wonderful and Maria was very gracious considering she had to make chicken for the crazy Gringos! /Thank you very much Henia!!
At the property we posed for a picture, Sharon, Donilo and Rodrigo. This is the road at the bottom of the 9 acres. What a group!! Lunch with all the fixings, coffee wood fried chicken, orange soda and cheese on tortillas. We feasted and truly enjoyed meeting the owners of the property including two of their three sons!! One last view before we go. Unfortunately, it's a bit hazy and the ocean is hidden. Posted by Picasa

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