Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Day 36 - The Pacific Coast!

Can you believe the size of this tree. That road is wide enough for two cars and the tree is really larger than it appears in the picture!
Here we have a cowboy who is rustling his cattle down the road and I promise it wasn't staged!!! We stopped to let them by and Randy told Don to quit taking pictures and get in the car before he gets gored!! Note Randy's worried face in the rear view mirror!! Check out those horns and those aren't the "big" ones Randy was worried about!!

This property is for sale for $50,000 and Randy and Rodrigo are breaking in to get a better look!!!
So...what do you think?? We also have pictures of the inside but decided to save them for private viewing, if you are interested!!! This house is a walk, about 2 blocks, from the beach!!

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