Thursday, March 30, 2006

Day 36 - More Pacific Coast!

While showing us property on the Pacific, Randy & Rodrigo took us to their favorite little eatry for some Cerviche! Cerviche is fish or shirimp cured in lemon juice with onions and peppers and is one of the favorite things we had to eatwhile in Costa Rica.
This was the view from the little Soda (that's what the call Cafes) and the ocean is a beautiful teal blue and the beaches are black from the Volcanoes. They are also very hot!!!

This is a house we looked at that was selling for $80,000. It had the house in the picture as well as a guest house and was a short walk to the beach. Actually, with the maritime setbacks, it was as close as you can build!! It's about 4 years old and also has a pool, and lots of furit trees. The grove of palm trees shades the walk to the beach!!


Little Matt said...

Welcome Home Mom and Don can't wait to hear all the unblogged stories. Glad you are home safe, didn't that go quick?!

Erin said...

Welcome back. I am glad you made it home safe. It was great to talk to you and cost a bunch. Back to the reality of life. Oh and back to the Saturday calls. I will talk to you soon.
Love Ya