Thursday, March 23, 2006

Days 30 & 31 - The Hospital & Rain!

I know, just some boring words!! But...yesterday we spent all day at the hospital having our tests done for our "Complete Physical!" I've never been so poked, prodded or shuffled around but we were very impressed with the whole system. The Doctors and their staff were all very friendly and physically took us from one place to another if we were unsure where to go. The equipment was very up to date and most of the results were due that day. We opted to have them sent to our Doctor as we don't read Spanish and wouldn't know what they said!! Also, not nearly as much waiting as at the Dentist!!! We decided not to press our luck and left the camera at home!! Oh, and Happy Birthday, Don!! What a way to celebrate!!

Today I've been working on the Blog and Don is painting. Some of you may have picked up the "paint supplies story" reading the Blog. For those of you that are behind, Dan & Phyllis took the gifted paints with them as they had less luggage to carry than we do!! Unfortunately, they were halted by their airline and were told the paints were not going with them!! Because of help from a lot of people sending messages and making connectons, Jere was able to graciously picked up Don's paints at the airport while we were being tested. We came home to them sitting inside our front door. Thank you Jere!!!

One more short story!! Last night Don was awakened by the sound of hoves outside our bedroom window. Upon investigation he noticed a man trying to round up some cows (Jere later said they were horses). When Jere heard about the visitors he told us that the farmers in the area let their horses and cows run free at the end of the rainy season because they have eaten all the grass in the pasture!! Jere also says they then come to his house to eat all his plants and flowers!! Fortunately, he has a gate which will be closed at night until the rains start. Speaking of which, it rained today while I was working on the Blog but now seems to have stopped. Looks like I may not get wet walking home after all!!! Thanks for listening!! We miss you!!


Sharon and Don said...

Just a note to everyone; if your computer is as slow as ours is on this dial up, when you pull up the blog take advantage of the time and get yourselves a treat or go to the bathroom if you have the need and when you get back most of the pictures will be up.
Well, I tried it and it worked.
Thanks, we miss you, Don

Erin said...

Yeah the Blog is up and running. Way to rescue the camera dad!!!

Christina said...

Hi guys!
your pictures are amazing, It sounds as though you are having the time of your life! I think that is great, I'll have to come and visit you while you are down there!
Love you - Chris

Dan said...


Little Matt said...

Hey everyone! Happy Birthday Don, sorry you had to be spending it at a hospital. I hope you guys are in tip top shape and still enjoying your time I Costa Rica. Molly and I have loved looking at your pictures she was very happy to read your note about the butterflys and the big purple butterfly is one of her favorites, I might have to print that one and get it framed for her.Can't wait to hear more of your stories I love and miss you both talk to you soon! Lil Matt