Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Day 35 - The Walk to Walter's Piscina Natural, Cahuita!

Shortly after checking out the town we headed for the Piscina Natural which had been recommended to us by David & Gabrielle who we had met earlier on the bus. We also ran into while walking on the beach here but they had decided to stay somewhere else. The walk was beautiful and followed the ocean. It took us about 20 minutes to reach our destination. On the way we passed a soccer field full of players and spectators. Considering how remote we felt we were, it was a bit of a surprise!! Finally we arrived and felt like we were in paradise. The natural beaches with the coral reefs, palm trees and small fishing boats were breath taking. It soon became our favorite place in Costa Rica!!

That evening we were celebrating our 15th Anniversary and took off on foot to find an "appropriate" restaurant to celebrate and we hit the jackpot!! The Restaurant we at at was the best place we have eaten since arriving and we sat outside about 10' from the ocean with the most wonderful view! Even more exciting, they actually had wine!!! We splurged on a delicious bottle of wine and the wonderful meal consisted, of Filet and Snapper (fish for me, steak for Don) with salad, vegetables and rice--couldn't have been better! And...the owner, Ron, bought us desert!!! It was a wonderful evening!!
The picture isn't great of the restaurant but we forgot to get one when we walked by the next morning!!


ilantchr said...

Hola All! My wife Karen and I also stayed at Walter's Piscina Natural, last year. The natural salt water (pool?) was a treat, we drank the most wonderful coconut rum (Cahuita brand) from the hammock and watched a fer-de-lance slither bye two days in a row. I life time memory was created here for us. Cahuita is like the Bahama's of my youth in the 50s.

ilantchr said...

Karen and I eat at the same place, wonderful continental food with the owner bringing us three bottles of rum after the meal and telling us to help ourselves. This introduced us to Cahuita Coconut Rum, wonderful! ... There was a redish-blond sloth in the Sea Grape Tree just over out heads. We shall return

Gert said...

We went to Costa Rica in 2004 and I was wondering how it is with Walter, after 2 weeks traveling around in Costa Rica, we enjoy 1 week by Walter's Piscina Natural.
A week I never forget!!!